Getting you started:

  •  Planning– Your needs are discussed once we have met with you. We quote and story board your ideas. On approval we schedule and get the ball rolling.
  • Filming– With our dedicated crew and professional equipment as well as your choice of location and talent/cast.
  •  Production– At the postproduction stage editing of footage takes place. Best clips are put together with add on’s of titles and animations.
  •  Delivery– Approved videos are then supplied on portable storage media, DVD or uploaded to a secure storage.


Benefits for you:

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine with a video being uploaded every second. Uploading your video makes a difference in Google search. Creating a video gets you and your website the required coverage and thus increasing the traffic of audience viewing your site. A well-made video helps you gain the required customer confidence and increases your brand awareness in a competitive market where ‘up-sell’ is a key word.

 How much does a video cost?

Depending on your budget. You get more for what you pay. A video for your company is the amount of time spent on production (set location, filming, lighting and equipment). Also, the amount of hours, days spent filming and production as well as post production (editing, special effects, logo’s, special messages)